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At Piggly Wiggly South Tallahassee, we sell at our cost plus 10% added at the register on every item in the store (cost includes freight, fee and associated expenses).

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Items Pictured:


Crab Legs 5-7 Ct. Per lb. $9.38

Jackson Farms Florida Pole Beans Per lb. $1

Southern Sweet Athena Cantaloupe Each $2.50

Jackson Farms Sweet Corn Ear 33₵

California Navel Oranges 4 lb. Bag $4.41

Ragu Spaghetti Sauce 66 oz. $4.44

Lil Dutch maid Cream Cookies 25 oz. $1.99

Jackson Farms Fresh Green Cabbage Per lb. 39₵

Fresh Premium Pork St. Louis Style Pork Spare Ribs Value Pack Per lb. $2.38

Hefty Foam Plates 130-Ct. $5

Heinz Ketchup 38 oz. $3.96

Assorted Flavors Sweet Baby Ray BBQ Sauce 18 oz. $1.90

Bush’s Baked Beans 28 oz. $1.98

Assorted Flavors Blue Bell Ice Cream Half Gallon $5.67

Land O’ Frost Premium Lunchmeat 1 lb. $3.97



Items Not Pictured:


Assorted Kraft BBQ Sauce 18 oz. $1.50

Guidry’s Catfish Nuggets 4 lb. Box $11.18 Sale Price -$2.50 Digital Coupon $8.68 (Use 2x In One Transaction)

Fresh Idaho Potatoes 5 lb. Bag $2.25 Sale Price -$1.00 Digital Coupon $1.25 (Use 2x In One Transaction)

Minute Maid All Flavors Punch or Lemonade 59 oz. $1.50 Sale Price -.50 Digital Coupon $1.00 (Use 3x In One Transaction)

All Varieties Badia Kingsford Seasoning Each $1 Off Any 2 (Use 2x In One Transaction)

French’s Yellow Mustard 14 oz. $1.66 Sale Price -.75 Digital Coupon .91₵ (Use 1x In One Transaction)

Badia Complete Seasoning 1.75 lb. Value Size $5.95 Sale Price -$1.00 Digital Coupon $4.95 (Use 2x In One Transaction)

Certified Angus Choice Beef London Broil Roast Per lb. $4.39

USDA Choice Beef Bone-In Cowboy Ribeye Steaks Per lb. $9.90

Savings On Fresh Fryer Leg Quarters 10 lb. Bag Per lb. 59₵

Fresh Premium Pork Light & Meaty Pork Spare Ribs Value Pack Per lb. $1.81

Fresh Premium Pork Seaboard Brand Baby Back Ribs Per lb. $2.85

Fresh Premium Pork Loin Bone-In Baby Back Ribs Cut Country Style Value Pack Per lb. $3.33

Certified Angus Choice Beef Top Round Steak Value Pack Per lb. $4.90

Grill Park Hot Dogs 32 oz. $4.80

Family Pack Nathan’s Hot Dogs or Colossal Quarter Pounder Beef Franks 28-32 oz. $8.97

Land O’ Frost Premium Lunchmeat 1 lb. $3.97

Fresh Premium Grade a Fresh Fryer Breast Tenders Value Pack Per lb. $2.88

IQF Party Wings 5 lb. Bag $7.88

31/40-Ct. Easy Peel Nature’s Best Medium Shrimp 1 lb. $5.74

Jumbo Vidalia Onions 1 lb. 90₵

Fresh Tropical Mangos Each 89₵

Jackson Farms Fresh Florida Zucchini or Yellow Squash Per lb. 67₵

Pero Farms Fresh Okra Tray $3.33

Dole Shredded Lettuce 8 oz. $1.25

Dole Classic Cole Slaw Mix 14 oz. $1.32

Fresh Idaho Potatoes 5 lb. $2.25 Sale Price -$1.00 Digital Coupon $1.25 (Use 2x In One Transaction)

Georgia Fresh Blueberries Pint $2.50

Washington State Red Apples Per lb. 97₵

Florida’s Fresh Egg Plant Per lb. 96₵

Washed & Bagged Shredded Collard Greens 2 lb. Bag $3.61

Bud or Bud Light 24 Pack 12 oz. $20.85

Michelob Ultra 18 Pack 12 oz. $19.25

Natural Light or Natural Ice 15 Pack 12 oz. $10.40

Products of Coca Cola 12 Pack 12 oz. Cans $4.25 Including Miniute Maid

Assorted Flavors Powerade 28 oz. Btls. 89₵

Assorted Flavors Minute Maid 2 ltr. $1.39

Assorted Flavors Body Armor 16 oz. 89₵

Gold Peak Tea 59 oz. $2.25

Golden Flake Potato Chips 4.625 oz. Bag $1.32

On The Border Tortilla Chips 8-11 oz. $2.50

Buddy Fruit Sauce Snacks 3.2 oz. 75₵

Kool-Aid Kool-Jammers 10 Pack $2.22

Assorted Luvs Diapers 21 to 40-Ct. $6

Ken’s Salad Dressings 16 oz. $2.96

Bull Hot Sauce 6 oz. 59₵

Chicken Sandwiches or Cheeseburgers Fast Bite 4-5 oz. $1

Tampico Drinks 20 oz. 49₵

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans 3.5 oz. $1.50

Piggly Wiggly Onion Soup Mix 2 oz. 89₵

Piggly Wiggly Potato Chips 11 oz. Value Size Bag Pre-Priced $2.99 Your Cost $2.25

Assorted Chick fill a Sauce 16 oz. $2.91

Margaret Holmes Canned Vegetables 27 oz. Size $1.66

Twin Pack Matchlight Charcoal 2/12 lb. Bags $16.62

Piggly Wiggly Tea Bags 24-Ct. $1.38

Del Monte Pineapple Juice 46 oz. $2.66

Family Size Luzianne Tea Bags 48-Ct. $3.87

Wild Caught Starkist Tuna Pouch 89₵

Dot’s Pretzels 16 oz. $5.97

Almond Breeze Almond Milk 64 oz. $2.99

Johnny Fleeman’s Honey Mustard 32 oz. $3.99

Simply Tide Liquid Detergent 117 oz. $8.96

Assorted Flavors Piggly Wiggly Sherbert 32 oz. $2

Nabisco Oreo Handi Snacks 10 Pack $3.98

Hippo Tall Kitchen Bags 45-Ct. Value Pack $5.94

TJ Farms Crinkle Cut French Fries 5 lb. Bag $4.80

De-Cafe Maxwell House Coffee 29.3 oz. $6.99

Ore Ida French Fries or Frozen Potatoes 19-32 oz. $3.97

Spice Infused Kingsford Charcoal 8 lb. $5

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese 8 oz. $2.75

Assorted Flavors Tampico Punch Gallon $2.35

All Flavors Bumble Bee Tuna 2.5 oz Pouch $1

Original or Extra Creamy Planet Oat Oat Milk 86 oz. Value Size $4.44

Piggly Wiggly Sweet Salad Cubes 16 oz. $1.39

Dawn Dish Liquid 56 oz. $6.99

Assorted Sticky Fingers BBQ Sauce 18 oz. $2.66

Twin Pack Kingsford Charcoal 2/12 lb. Bags $13.33

Smoked To Perfection Baby Back Ribs Slab $11.92

Smoked To Perfection St. Louis Style Ribs Slab $13.95

Smoked To Perfection Whole Slab Ribs Slab $12.90

Piggly Wiggly Famous Southern Fried Chicken 16 Piece Mixed Each $14.97

Rotisserie Slow Smoked Leg Quarters 6-Ct. $5.99

Chicken Wing Platter BBQ, Lemon Pepper, Ranch or Buffalo 35-Ct. $35.98

Sabrina’s Glazed Donuts Dozen $5.50

Kings’s Hawaiian Rolls Regular or Butter 12-Ct. $3.60