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Items Pictured:


Refreshing Coca Cola Products 6 Pack 1/2 Ltr. $3.33

Certified Angus Choice Beef Boneless Sirloin Steak Value Pack Per lb. $6.22

Jackson Farms Collard Greens Jumbo Bundle $3.60

Jackson Farms Broccoli Crowns Per lb. $1.39

Idaho Potatoes 10 lb. Bag $3.66

Florida’s Natural Orange Juice 52 oz. $2.98

Johnny’s Honey Mustard 32 oz. $3.99

Mt. Olive Kosher Dills 80 oz. $4.44

Florida Navel Oranges 4 lb. Bag $4.91

US Western Juicy Cantaloupe Each $2.75

Washington State Gala Apples Per lb. $1.25

Fresh Small Bay Oysters 8 oz. $9.78

Sweet Baby Ray BBQ Sauce 18 oz. $1.77

Dixie Lily Yellow Rice 3.5-lb. Jug $5.93

Fresh Fryer Drumsticks Value Pack Per lb. 49₵


Items Not Pictured:


Galanz Fry & Rotisserie Combo 8-In-1 Air Fryer Toaster, Convection Oven with Pizza & Dehydrate. 1800w 280- Quart Stainless Steel (Amazon Price- $134.23 Walmart Price- $238.00 Competitors Retail Price Check Done 11/3/23) $79.83 Sale Price -10.00 Digital Coupon $69.83 (Use 2x In One Transaction)

Prego Spaghetti Sauce 45 oz. Value Size $3.33 Sale Price -.50 Digital Coupon $2.83 (Use 3x In One Transaction)

Simply Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent 115 – 128 oz. $9.44 Sale Price -1.75 Digital Coupon $7.69 (Use 1x In One Transaction)

Mt. Olive Kosher Dill Pickles Gallon $6.95 Sale Price -1.00 Digital Coupon $5.95 (Use 2x In One Transaction)

Sprite, Sprite Zero or Seagrams 2-Ltr. Green Btls. $1.25

Golden Flake or Utz Potato Chips 7.5-8-oz. Family Size $2

All Varieties on The Border Tortilla Chips 9.5-11.5-oz. $2.22

All Varieties Utz Pretzels 14-16-oz. $1.99

Golden Flake or Utz Snack Barrells 9.5-23-oz. $5.59

Golden Flake Variety Pack 18-Ct. Bag $7.21

Utz Variety Pack 10-Ct. $4

Whole Fresh Florida Apalachicola Bay Mullet Per lb. $1.67

Turkey Valley Turkey Breast 8-10 lb. Avg. Per lb. $1.99

Fresh Premium Pork Baby Back Ribs Per lb. $2.37

Fresh Premium Pork Bone-In Sirloin Pork Chops Value Pack Per lb. $1.18

Bar•s Franks 12 oz. 92₵

Certified Angus Choice Beef Boneless Shoulder Roast Per lb. $4.90

Certified Angus Choice Beef Boneless Shoulder Steak Value Pack Per lb. $5.31

Assorted Oscar Mayer Lunchables 3.1 To 4 oz. $1.50

Papa Luigi Meatballs Value Pack 5 lb. Bag $14.92

D.L. Lee Smoked Pork Chops Value Pack Per lb. $3.46

Fresh Premium Grade A Boneless Skinless Breast 10 lb. $12.95

21/30-Ct. Per lb. Nature’s Best Ez Peel Headless Shrimp 3 lb. $17.42

51/60-Ct. Cooked Shrimp Ring W/Sauce Per lb. $5.94

Jackson Farms Vine Ripe Tomatoes Per lb. $1.15

Fresh Green Cabbage Per lb. 49₵

Hass Avocados 6-Ct. Bag $2.96

Dole Chicken Ceasar Bowl, Peppercorn Ranch or Asian 6.25 To 12.25 oz. $2.67

Assorted Malt O Meal Cereal 30-34 oz. Super-Size $3.96 2x Size 25-oz. $2.98

Texas Pete Wing Sauce 12 oz. $2.90

Reg or Honey Kraft BBQ Sauce Value Size 39-40 oz. $2.69

Shawnee Best Self-Rising Flour 5-lb. Bag $2.26

Plain Shawnee Best Flour 5-lb. Bag $2

Assorted Hawaiian Punch Gallon $2.41

Heinz Chili Sauce 12 oz. $2.49

Jet Puff Mini Marshmallows 10 oz. $1.25

Assorted Chick Fil A Wing Sauce 16 oz. $2.50

Black Top Pink Salmon 14.5-oz. $2.50

Tropical Passion Fruit Drink 59 oz. $2

Assorted Moore’s Wing Sauce 16 oz. $1.88

Spaghetti Or Elbow Mac Mueller’s Pasta 32 oz. $2.50

All Flavors Knotty Pretzels 7.5-oz. $3.96

Eagle Brand Condensed Milk 14 oz. $2.32

Almond Breeze Almond Milk 96 oz. $4.41

All Varieties Galbani String Cheese 10-12-oz. $3.33

Mt. Olive Sweet Salad Cubes 16 oz. $2.50

All Flavors Langer Cranberry Cocktail 64 oz. $2.71 5 Calorie Cocktail 64 oz. $2.27

Piggly Wiggly Assorted Drinks 12 Pack… 12 oz. Cans $3.33

Assorted Kool Aid Jammers 10 Pack $2.22

Galbani Skim or Whole Milk Ricotta Cheese 10-12-oz. $2.50

Nissin Souper Meal Chicken Cup Ramen Soup 4.3 oz. $1

Danish Butter Cookies 12 oz. Tin $1.99

Piggly Wiggly Yum Sauce 16 oz. $1.98

Moore’s Teriyaki Sauce 16 oz. $1.50

Sausage Egg & Cheese Croissant or Muffins or Bacon & Cheese Biscuits Dutch Farms Breakfast Sandwiches 4 Pack… 15-18.4-oz. $5

Castleberry Beef Stew 24 oz. $2.71

Castleberry Brunswick Stew 20 oz. $2.71

Castleberry Beef or Pork BBQ 10.5 oz. $2.50

With Beans Castleberry Chili 15 oz. $1.80

Castleberry Hot Dog Chili 10 oz. 73₵

Meat Lovers, Sausage & Gravy, Bacon or Sausage Dutch Farms Breakfast Bowls 7 oz. $2.50

Badia Black Pepper 6 Oz. $2.61 16 oz. Value Size $6.97

Piggly Wiggly K-Cup Coffee 12-Ct. $3.33

Boston Variety Pack K-Cup Coffee 80-Ct. $19.92

Pit Boss Smoker Pellets 20 lb. $6.89

All Varieties Corner Booth Pub Style Pizza 14.4-17.25-oz. $6.98

25,32,37 or 48-Ct. Tippy Toes Diapers Only $6.50

Extra Length Handles… Leak Proof Hippo Tall Trash Bags 45-Ct. $5.75

Christmas Full 1/2 Ham Dinner •1 Full 1/2 Ham This Is A Full 1/2 Ham Which Means Center Cut Slices Are Included (Not A Portion Ham) •1- Medium Pan Of Homemade Corn Bread Dressing •16-oz. Gravy •12- Dinner Rolls $49

Christmas Turkey Dinner •1 12-14-lb. Cooked Turkey •1- Medium Pan of Homemade Corn Bread Dressing •16-oz. Gravy •12- Dinner Rolls $55

Christmas Feast •1 Full 1/2 Ham This Is A Full 1/2 Ham Which Means Center Cut Slices Are Included (Not A Portion Ham) •1 8-10-lb. Cooked Turkey Breast •1- Large Pan of Homemade Corn Bread Dressing •2- 16-oz. Gravy •32- Dinner Rolls •1 Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Pie $99.90

Premium DL Lee Whole Rotisserie Cooked Smoked Ham 18-20-lb. $59

Rotisserie Slow Smoked Whole Turkey Breast 8 To 12 lb. Avg $29.43

Whole Rotisserie Slow Smoked Boston Butt Pork Roast Each $25

Whole Rotisserie Slow Smoked Cooked Full 1/2 Ham This Is A Full 1/2 Ham Which Means Center Cut Slices Are Included Not A Portion Ham $29.60

Our Famous Old Fashioned Southern Recipe Cornbread Dressing Made in Store from Scratch Medium Pan Only $14.29 Large Pan Only $28.29

Sweet Potato Casserole Large Pan $19.80